The Inside Story Of Nicki Minaj before Plastic Surgery

boob job

Nicki minaj has said she’s considering a boob job. Well, you may think that nicki minaj before plastic surgery is nothing to shout since celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand. Furthermore, another well-known celebrity going under the knife would do nothing to the already saturated Hollywood gossip fodder. The irony of Nicki minaj surgery is that she is going the opposite direction of where the typical Hollywood bombshells, or those aspiring to be one; are heading. To many, her direction may seem counter intuitive as she is seen to already have that perfect 10 bombshell figure that many, even probably among industry big names, could only think of with envy...

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The Expectations Of A Flawless Appearance For Celebrities

celebrity plastic surgery

We are all envious of those people gracing the TV screen; how these actors and actresses, or some well-known figures, have that perfect smile? How the skin on their face seems always taut and glowing, and how their nose bridge seems to be perfectly symmetrical. At times, there is an uncanny flawlessness to their appearance.

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But take a step back and think about it thoroughly. On the face of it, that commercial face could not possibly last forever. Age is the single biggest threat to the good looks. However, when having a pretty face is somewhat having a direct correlation to your earning capabilities, there is a reason why celebrity plastic surgery is considered a must have for the glamorous and the well-known.

How many can survive with nat...

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What Celebrities’ Net worth Actually Say?

Sofia Vergara

Can we say that a star’s net worth reflects his or her value in the industry? Is this, in anyway, a correlation of his or her artistic skills, on screen vigour, magnetic charms, or is this a testimony to his or her manager’s astute business acumen in cutting deals for air time, endorsements and other stuff?

It would seem that this is a crude start in looking at how we value our celebrities. They are after all in the business where embracing commerciality is seen as an act of ‘selling off’ one’s self. In fact, praises and tributes usually follow artists who take great sacrifices, toiling at their work and eventually leave the world with little fortune left in their names, except for their art work. In this day and age, such sense of chivalry and righteousness are deemed unfounded.

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Why Cheap Plastic Surgeries Need To Be Avoided At All Costs?

plastic surgery gone wrong

There is always a pressure to keep up with the Joneses. And as it is always with many of life’s fickle obsessions, plastic surgery seems to have become the ‘in’ word for many these days. This brings the question – Is plastic surgery a fad? This seems to be the case for the commercial ones which are aesthetical in their intention, and not medical. As the obsession grows, this leads to unsupervised practices in certain countries, especially, where enforcement is lax, and may result in a case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

The question which always comes to mind is what motivates this move? Most instances of plastic surgery gone wrong are those started with pure aesthetic and fickle reasons...

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